Posted by: waleolusi | June 5, 2013

Most Basic Ingredient for Academic Success

This is from a like mind I think you guys should see it.

Transtudent World

If we were to ask a typical student, “What would you do differently in order to perform better than before?” the most probable response will be, “I will try to work harder and put in more effort than I did before.” I know this because that’s often the response I get; but when I further ask whether they didn’t work hard or put in a lot of effort previously, the frequent response is: “I actually did! I put in my best effort, but I don’t understand why I didn’t get the results I expected.”

Think about that. Is it a familiar experience with you? I’ve found that almost any student can relate well with this scenario which is one of the root causes of a lack of motivation and of feelings of despondency among many students; or in the worst case, of an outright dismissal of the need to strive…

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