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25 BN Recapitalization

A Cointegration of Broad Money Demand Analysis in

A Development Comparative Approach to Capital Flig

A Market-Oriented Strategy For SMEs

A Note on Forecasting Exchange Rates using a Clust

A Reevaluation of the Effect of Human Capital Accu

A Re-Examination Of The Demand For Money In Fiji

A Small Estimated Euro Area Model with Rational Ex

A Small Foreign Exchange Market with a Long-Term P

A Small New Keynesian Model of the New Zealand Eco

A Survey of macroeconomic Model for Policy Analysi

A Tale of Two Rigidities – Sticky Price in a Stick

Achieving Long-Term Debt Sustainability in All Hea

Addressing the Natural Resource Curse- An Illustra

Agricultural Public Spending in Nigeria

Aid to Fragile States Do Donors Help or Hinder

Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes for MENA countri

An Analysis of Federal Government Expenditure in t

An Analysis of So-Called Export-Led Growth

An Empirical Analysis of Interest Rate Spread in K

An Empirical Analysis of the Money Demand Function

An Empirical Investigation of Capital Flight from

An Evaluation of Aids and Growth in Fragile State

An Evaluation of Foreign Exchange Intervention and

Analysis and Comparison of the Agricultural Develo

Analysis of Impact of Remittance on Poverty and In

Analysis of Kenyas Export Performance-An Empirical

Analytical History of Heavily Indebted Poor Countr

Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services –

Asset Price Persistence and Real Estate Market Ill

Asymmetric Policy Shocks and Real Output Fluctuati

Between Two Poles-Matching Trade and Exchange Rate

Budget Deficits and Interest Rates A Fresh Perspec

Building Human Capital for Economic Development

Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Policy in Emergi

Can Exchange Rates Forecast Commodity Prices

Can Monetary Policy Make Foreign Aid More Effectiv

Canadian Money Demand Functions

Capacity Building for National Sustainable Develop

Capital and Financial Development in Economic Grow

Capital Budgeting and Economic Development in the

Capital Flight and External Debt in Nigeria

Capital Flight and Political Risk

Capital Flight from South Africa, 1980 to 2000

Capital Flight, Capital Account Liberalization and

Capital Inflows, Investment and Growth

Capital Market Development in a Small Country-The

Capital Market Development-The Road Ahead

Institutional Framework, Interest Rate Policy and

Innovative Ways of Making Aid Effective in Ghana

Infrastructure Development in Africa – Prospects a

Institutionalism Ancient, Old and New – A Historic

Institutions and Policies for Growth and Poverty R

International Asset Market, Nonconvergence, and En

Internal Displacement in Nigeria – A Hidden Crisis

Interlinked Agrarian Credit Markets In A Developin

Interest Rates, Credit Rationing, and Investment i

Institutions as the Fundamental Cause of Long-Run

Is Africa a Net Creditor New Estimates of Capital

Investment Options and the Business Cycle

Investment in Africas Manufacturing Sector – A Fou

Investing in African Agriculture to Halve Poverty

Intrinsic Value in Financial Markets

Is There a Stable Money Demand Function under the

Is There a Credit Crunch in East Asia

Is the Financial Development and Economic Growth R

Is it Possible to Define Subjective Probabilities

Is Inflation Targeting the Best Policy Choice for

Learning and Convergence to Nash Equilibria with M

Learning About The Interdependence Between The Mac

Law and Economic Growth

Labour and Productivity in Nigeria – The Private a

Issues Relating to Optimal Currency Areas – Theory

Long- and Short-Run Determinants of the Demand for

Locational Drivers of FDI in MENA Countries A Spat

Lifestyles and Consumer Bahaviour

Learning in games with unstable equilibria

Learning and Equilibrium

Macroeconometric Modelling Approaches and Experien

Macro and Micro Perspectives of Growth and Poverty

M2 Targeting, Money Demand, and Real GDP Growth in

Long-Run Links Among Money, Prices, and Output – W

Long Run Relationship between Education and Econom

Macroeconomics of Fiscal Policy in Developing Coun

Macroeconomic Volatility, Private Investment, Grow

Macroeconomic Instability, Capital Accumulation an

Macroeconomic Effects of Minimum Wage in Nigeria-

Macroeconomic Effects of Capital Account Liberaliz

Measuring Capital Flight – Estimates and Interpret

MDG-Based PRSPs Need More Ambitious Economic Polic

Market Power and Structural Adjustment The Case of

Managing Oil Revenue Volatility in Nigeria – The R

Managing Oil Disruptions-Issues and Policy Options

Military Expenditure, Threats, and Growth

Microcredit, Informal Credit and Rural Livelihoods

Mergers and Acquisitions – An Experimental Analysi

Meeting the Challenge of the Resource Curse

Measuring Competition in Banking-A Disequilibrium

Monetary Growth and Exchange Rate Depreciation as

Monetary Conservatism and Fiscal Policy

Monetary Aggregates in Pakistan Theoretical and Em

Modeling the Impact Of Financial Innovation On The

Mill, Sidgwick, and the Evolution of the Theory of

Monetary Policy under Flexible Exchange Rates – An

Monetary Policy Rules, Macroeconomic Stability and

Monetary Policy Reaction Function in Turkey

Monetary Policy and Oil Price Surges in Nigeria

Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Instability in N

Money Demand Forecasting in Kenya – An Empirical S

Money demand and macroeconomic uncertainty

Money Demand and Macroeconomic Stability Revisited

Money and Taxes – The Relationship Between Financi

Money And Output Interaction In Nigeria An Econome

Understanding Long-Run African Growth Colonial Ins

Underground Economy Is It an Economic Problem or a

Uncertainty, Financial Development and Economic Gr

Unbalanced Growth Why Is Economic Sociology Strong

Transfer Dependence and Regional Disparities – The

Trade-Induced Changes in Economic Inequality Asses

Trade, Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth-Th

Trade, Inequality, and the Political Economy of In

Trade, Capital Accumulation and Structural Unemplo

Trade Structure as a Constraint to Multilateral an

Trade Regimes Liberalization and Macroeconomic Ins

Trade Policy Reforms

Trade Policy Reform, Regional Integration and Expo

Trade Liberalization and the Politics of Financial

Trade Liberalisation, Regional Integration and Fir

Trade Liberalisation, Financial Development and Ec

Trade in the WAEMU Developments and Reform Opportu

Trade and Markets in Conflict Development and Conf

Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Patterns in th

Towards the Enhanced Effectiveness of Foreign Aid

To Float or to Trail – Evidence on the Impact of E

Theories of coalitional rationality

The Underground Economy – Global Evidence of its S

The Trilemma in History Tradeoffs among Exchange R

The Trade-Off Between Child Labor and Schooling In

The Stability of the Short-Run Money Demand Functi

The Stability Of Money Demand In South Africa, 196

The Size and Sustainability of Nigerian Current Ac

The Size and Functions of Government and Economic

The Role of Research in Trade Policy Formulation –

The Role of Household Endowments in Determining Po

The Role of Government in Economic Development

The Renminbi Equilibrium Exchange Rate – An Agnost

The Relative Effectiveness of Fiscal and Monetary

The Relationship between Real Convergence and the

The Relationship between Income Inequality and Glo

the Quantity Theory of Money is Valid -The New Key

The Quantity Theory of Money in a Developing Econo

The Purchasing Power Parity Persistence Puzzle-Evi

The Poverty Macroeconomic Policy Nexus – Some Shor

The Performance of Exchange Rate Regimes in Develo

The Nigerian Oil Industry Environmental Diseconomi

The Negative Effects Of Money Laundering On Econom

The Naira-Dollar Exchange Rate Determination – A M

The Monetary Model of Exchange Rate Determination-

The Measurement of Capital Flight and Its Impact o

The Long Swings in Real Exchange Rates

The Lisbon Strategy, Macroeconomic Stability and t

The Link between Export and Total Factor Productiv

The Importance of Human Capital for Economic Growt

The Importance of Human Capital and Financial Deve

The Impact of US Economic Growth on the Rest of th

The Impact of Tourism on Economic Growth and Devel

The Impact of the Appreciation of the Dollar on th

The Impact of Privatisation on Firm Performance in

The Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth – A

The Impact of Government Expenditure on Growth – E

The Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic G

The Impact of G-3 Exchange Rate Volatility on Deve

The Impact of Foreign Aid on Public Expenditure th

The Impact of Ethnic Diversity on Economic Growth

The Impact of Demography, Growth and Public Policy

The Impact of AIDS-Related News on Exchange Rates

The IMFs Role in Structural Adjustment

The How to of Fiscal Sustainability

The Great Credit Squeeze-How It Happened, How to P

The Gender Dimensions of Post-Conflict Reconstruct

The Extended and Generalized Shapley Value – Simul

The Evolution and Determinants of Emerging Market

The Energy Sector Reform and Macroeconomic Adjustm

The Employment Imperative

The Effects of Human Capital on Convergence and Pr

The Effects of Government Expenditure on Growth

The Effects of Government Expenditure on Growth –

The Effects of FDI and Public Expenditure on Econo

The Effects of External Debt Management on Sustain

The Effects Of Exchange Rate Uncertainty On The Pr

The Effects of Exchange Rate on the Trade Balance

The Effects of Dollarization on Macroeconomic Stab

The Effect of Nominal Government Deficits on Econo

The Effect of Export Earnings Fluctuations on Capi

The Effect Of Cost Of Credit On Money Demand -Empi

The Economic Impact of Enhanced Access to Research

The East Asian Industrial Policy Experience – Impl

The Dynamic Impact of the Demand and Supply Constr

The Dynamic Causality Tests between Financial Deve

The Demand for International Monetary Reserves and

The Cyclical Component Factor Model

The Corporate Debt Market – A Firm-Level Panel Stu

The Contribution of Nigerian Export-Import (NEXIM)

The Choice and Design of Exchange Rate Regimes in

The Characteristics of Informal Financial Markets

The Causality between Financial Development and Ec

The Case for Restricting Fiscal Policy Discretion

The Case for Floating and Inflation Forecast Targe

The Cartel of Good Intentions The Problem of Burea

The Behavioral Life-Cycle Theory Of Consumer Behav

The Behavior of Non-Oil Commodity Prices

The Appraisal of Equity Investments by Nigerian In

Testing the Relationship Between Government Expend

Testing the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis for

Territorial Public Expenditure and Revenue – Econo

Technology Diffusion, Human Capital and Economic G

Techniques For Short-Term Economic Forecasting

Tax Effort – The Impact of Corruption, Voice and A

Tax Cuts and Interest Rate Cuts – An Empirical Com

Tackling Poverty-Migration Linkages Evidence from

Structural Disequilibrium and Inflation in Nigeria

Structural Adjustment, Financial Sector Developmen

Structural Adjustment Programme in Nigeria- Causes

Strategic Analysis of Development Constraints and

Stochastic Mechanisms in Settings without Monetary

Stability of the Nigerian M2 Money Demand Function

Stability of the Money demand Function – An Altern

Sovereign Debt Crises and Credit to the Private Se

Southern Engines of Global Growth – Very Long Cycl

South African Real Exchange Rates and Manufacturin

Sources of Income Inequality and Poverty in Rural

Some Further Evidence on Exchange-Rate Volatility

Solving the Poverty Crisis in Nigeria – An Applied

Social Diversity, Fiscal Policy and Economic Growt

Social Capital and Household Welfare in Kwara Stat

SMEs, Growth, and Poverty-Cross-Country Evidence

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Cluster Develop

Skills, Labour Costs, and Vertically Differentiate

SIGMA – A New Open Economy Model for Policy Analys

Short-Term Forecasting of GDP Using Large Monthly

Shortrun Money Demand

Shifting Paradigms The Future of Economic Developm

Rural-Urban Migration and Productivity in the Nige

Rural Financial Markets in Developing Countries

Role of the State in Financial Sector Development

Risk Sharing and Public Transfers

Revisiting the Revolving Door – Capital Flight fro

Rethinking the Policy Objectives of Development Ai

Resource Ownership, Human Development and Economic

Resource Curse in Nigeria- Perception and Challeng

Resident Capital Outflows – Capital Flight or Norm

Remittances and savings from international migrati

Regional Trade Arrangements in Africa-Past Perform

Regional Specialization and Employment Dynamics in

Regional Monetary Integration in the Member States

Regional Integration as a Transfer of Rules- The C

Regional Financial and Economic Integration in Wes

Reconciling the Chinese Financial Development with

Recent Trends and Patterns in Nigerias Industrial

Recent Dynamics of Crude Oil Prices

Real Exchange Rate Price and Agricultural Supply R

Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Growt

Real Exchange Rate Misalignment A Panel Co-integra

Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Transition Economie

Real Exchange Rate Distortions and External Balanc

Purchasing Power Parity and the Fractional Integra

Public Financial Management and Fiscal Outcomes in

Public Expenditures on Education in Nigeria Issues

Public Expenditure Reforms in Nigeria

Public Expenditure and Economic Growth – A Disaggr

Public Enterprise Reform in Nigeria – Evidence fro

Public Education Expenditure and Defence Spending

Pro-Poor Growth Strategies in Africa

Promoting Manufacturing to Accelerate Economic Gro

Profitability Gap Theories of Investment

Privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa – An Essential

Privatization and Enterprise Performance in Nigeri

Privatisation Methods and Economic Growth in Trans

Private Investment Behaviour and Trade Policy Prac

Primary-Export-Led Growth – The Evidence of Ghana

Price-Setting and Exchange Rate Pass-Through Theor

Price, Exchange Rate Volatility and Nigerias Agric

Price Volatility, Expectations and Monetary Policy

Powering Industrial Growth – the Challenge of Ener

Power Sector Reform – Some Lessons for Kerala

Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa is There a

Population Ageing and Public Pension Reforms in a

Political Institutions and Financial Development –

Political Corruption – An Introduction to the Issu

Policy Options for Managing Macroeconomic Volatili

Policy Coherence Aid, Trade and Investment

Philip Curve, Monetary Policy, and Labour Market M

Philip Curve Instability and Optimal Monetary Poli

Pension Reform, Economic Growth and Financial Deve

Ownership Structure and Financial Performance-Evid

Optimum Currency Area Theory – An Approach For Thi

Openness, Technology Capital, and Development

Openness and Foreign Direct Investment-The Role of

On the Trade Impact of Nominal Exchange Rate Volat

On the Fit and Forecasting Performance of New-Keyn

On Foreign Debt Sustainability of Developing Count

On Developing A Structured Forecasting and Policy

Oil-dependence and Civil Conflict in Nigeria

Oil Use and Economic Development in Sub Saharan Af

Oil and Security in Nigeria – The Niger Delta Cris

Nigerias Public Service Reform Process – Human Res

Nigerias Economic Reforms

Nigeria Economic Performance Assessment – 2008

Nigeria – Mainstreaming Trade Policy into National

Nigeria – Macroeconomic Assessment and Agenda for

Natural Capital, Human Capital, and Sustainable Ec

Namibia Human Capital and Knowledge Development fo

Multilateral Development Aid for Africa

Monopolization through Acquisitions in a Different

Money supply mechanisms in Nigeria (1970-89)

Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Capital Flight, Tax

Money Demand Function Estimation By Nonlinear Coin

Money Demand Function – Heterogeneous Panel Applic

West Africas Political Economy in the Next Millenn

Welfare Consequences of Nigeria’s Tax Policies

Using Seasonal and Cyclical Components in Least Sq

Unionization and Economic Performance – Evidence o

Understanding the Poor Human Capital Contribution

Why Industrial Revolution Missed Africa A traditio

When Does Domestic Saving Matter for Economic Grow

What is the Most Effective Monetary Policy for Aid

What Does the Central Bank of Nigeria Target – An

What Determines Transaction Costs in Foreign Excha


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