Posted by: waleolusi | May 25, 2013

ABC of goals


-be definite and set a definite deadline
-write down ur goal habkuk 2;2
-develop a plan 2 achieve ur goal.
-determine d cost

balances Lk 2:52
-set career and mental goals (with the requirements, bsc, msc, prof. exam, etc) read thgs that will add to ur skill every day
-set health goals (stay healthy and fit)
-set spiritual goals (how many chp.every day, hw many hrs to pray, hw many souls will u win, tithe, offering and gift)
-social goal (marital, network, kids, family, friend, go out, take a break )
-financial goals (budget, income(how much will you make), expenditure{gift,tithe,offering,fuel,personal effect, investment and savings} ***fix an allowance for your wife.)
*** rev. sam adeyemi



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